I cannot recommend a workshop with Karenna highly enough. My partner Steven and I were blown away by the breadth and depth of Karennas workshop and we came away feeling empowered and excited to become first time parents. We both said it was the best thing we had done all pregnancy. We thought you were exceptional and we could not stop talking about how helpful our session with you was.Thanks so much Karenna!

Top 3 things about the class:
1. Empowering first time parents in their decision making

2. Providing a more comprehensive overview of all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth and baby care than received in a typical “medical model”

3. Karenna! So lovely, knowledgeable, warm and generous
Sophie & Steven, West Perth

Karenna is passionate about what she does. She is so easy to talk to and is very informative. She tailored a short hypnobirthing class for my husband and I which focussed on what we were most interested in. Those breathing techniques helped for a quick delivery! Thank you so much.
Hazel & Ahmed, Maida Vale
My husband and I really appreciated Karenna was approachable, positive and informative. Not only did I get a lot out of our session together but it educated my husband and took away some of his anxiety.

We felt so much more comfortable being in our home allowing us to ask questions specific to our situation.
Leah & David, Byford

Karenna’s personality is just gorgeous and friendly, made me feel comfortable and relaxed and able to ask any question. I was really anxious about the whole birth process before meeting with Karenna, now I feel confident and relaxed about it. I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Top 3 things about the class:
1. How relaxed and supported I was made to feel

2. Informative, able to answer any question

3. Information I was provided with after the class and the continued support that was offered
Laura & Ben, Belmont

My husband and I really appreciated our class with Karenna. We are feeling much better prepared for labour and life with a newborn.
Sharna & Josh, Fremantle
“First of all….. THANK YOU! Thank you so SO much for the classes and all the mountains of information. Both of us got a lot of our classes with you and it has certainly put my mind and my anxieties at ease. You have given Blair a chance to take ownership of tasks coming up to the big day, and you have helped me find focus on the things I can do to help myself relax. We have no hesitation recommending Karenna.”

Top 3 things about the HypnoBirthing Classes:

1. Karenna’s sense of humour

2. The relaxed atmosphere

3. Karenna putting up with all our questions!
Jo & Blair, Maida Vale

“I worked with Karenna through my 2nd and 3rd IVF cycles, a miscarriage and the early stages of my recently successful pregnancy. She helped prop me up and give me the tools to get through it all. Karenna provides an invaluable service to women going through some of the toughest days of their lives. She offers a wonderful support and seems to be able to easily pick apart a problem and help you work through a solution. I cannot recommend the service you provide enough.” Rachael, NSW
“Being pregnant with our first child has really made us aware of how little we knew about pregnancy & specifically labour & the hospital process. After having an antenatal class with Karenna, Lloyd & I have come out feeling so well informed about our options and choices to have the experience we desire.

Top 3 things about the antenatal class:

1. The sit down 1on1 environment

2. Feeling comfortable and relaxed, being able to ask questions without feeling intimidated

3. Karenna’s large amount of knowledge, honesty and personal experiences
Georgina & Lloyd, Gooseberry Hill

“We had a really enjoyable, educational session with Karenna. Lots of information but not an overload or situation where we felt obliged or pressured to agree or make decisions on anything. A well-presented case of facts that has allowed us to consider many things prior to the birth of our upcoming bundle of joy. Would highly recommend any expecting parents to consider spending a few hours with Hope & Honey prior to birth.

Top 3 things about the antenatal class:

1. Being able to complete at our own home in a comfortable environment

2. The knowledge and comfortable way it was explained

3. The ease and personable approach by KarennaKrishelle & Kent, Wattle Grove

“Karenna was very approachable and knowledgeable. My husband and I opted for a home one on one session which was perfect. Very relaxed and informal, great environment to have this session in. Found that my husband was more relaxed and asked more questions as he was more comfortable in this environment. Highly recommend.” Lisa & Bill, Byford
“Karenna was awesome! She did an excellent job at putting us at ease as well as getting all the vital information across. We had all our questions answered and more!”Denise & Steve, Yangebup
“As a first time mother to be, I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to my birth, therefore I sought out the help of Karenna for a private session for myself, husband and sister who were my birth team. Karenna helped me feel more confident in what my birth preferences were and discussed what I might expect from the experience and how to manage. Her help provided the confidence I needed. My hubby also really took a lot from the class and was much more confident in his role and how to support me in labour. With thanks to Karenna, I had a beautiful birth experience.”Carly & Brad, High Wycombe
“Karenna has opened my mind to so many things that I thought I would never consider before. I feel like I have really gained valuable and important information from our sessions that will help me make informed choices about my birth experience. I have also gained new information, which is great as I work within the health sector and have given birth before. I feel like I have given myself the best possible start on my birthing process by taking these classes and meeting Karenna.” Karen & Rico, Currambine
“Karenna – you’re absolutely amazing. Loved these classes so much and love that birthing can include not only the mother but the father in ways you never knew / thought of. Just wish I had done it earlier to be more aware and to have a water birth at home -next time for sure!” Vanessa & Ben, Nollamara
“We loved Karenna coming to our home, she was very professional, friendly, informed and knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable the whole time. The objectives were clear. An empowering course! We loved it and can’t wait to have a wonderful birthing experience. Thank you!” Heidi & Toby, Claremont
“Karenna was warm, friendly and approachable, we felt comfortable and respected throughout the whole session and it was great talking to a new mum who seemed to really understand our situation, anxieties and excitement. We feel much more prepared and excited about the birth of our son and feel we have a bunch of helpful techniques to use while in labor. We’re so glad we met Karenna and it’s comforting to know we can call her with any questions we have before or after the labour. Karenna seems to genuinely care about us and our baby, we’re so glad we got to meet her.”Ana & Andrew, South Lake
“Before Hypnobirthing I felt very anxious about the whole birthing experience to the point where I was getting nightmares and dreading it. I am now very excited, stress free and looking forward to our journey to bring our new little life into the world. Karenna is a natural teacher who made us both feel relaxed and empowered about what lies ahead for us. I especially like how she involved my husband in the classes so I now feel that pregnancy and birthing is both of us working and making choices together. HypnoBirthing has given us a closer connection to our little baby as well as each other. I think the money spent on this has been a greater investment into my and our baby’s health than all the baby paraphernalia that could have been bought. I would totally recommend doing this!” Becky & Pete, South Guildford
“I felt nervous, anxious and scared by the thoughts and images I had been bombarded with by other women around birth. I had heard about HypnoBirthing but didn’t know if I would be ‘able to master it’. After week one, I felt an increase in confidence, empowerment and freedom to abandon my fears – they were not mine! Following week two, I felt more confidence rise within me and this continued until the end of the course. I don’t think my partner would have learnt as much or responded as well either without this alternative, open-minded, non conventional and non medical approach. I think he responded better than I anticipated and it was relaxing and helpful for him as well as me (That was a bonus I didn’t expect!) I feel much more confident after completing the HypnoBirthing course and feel this has benefited me more than all the doctors and midwifery appointments combined! Thank you Karenna, for your genuine, natural, kind and caring approach. I will be recommending all pregnant women I meet to this program and to HypnoBirthing in general.” Debbie, Osborne Park
“Karenna’s HypnoBirthing® course helped us overall cope with the unexpected aspects of our birth, without causing us or baby Hannah stress we might have otherwise felt. The breathing techniques Karenna taught me were paramount in helping me to stay centred during contractions, I used my HypnoBirthing® CD, visualisations, as well as some of my own tunes to basically get lost in the moment, midwives and my obstetrician were very surprised and commented on how calm I was during strong contractions that went off the charts! Unfortunately due to other complications I required an emergency C-section after 10 hours of labour but because of Karenna’s techniques, both myself and my partner remained calm.” Yas & Marshall, Menora
“Karenna was a fabulous! This is our second pregnancy. Our first daughter was born by emergency c- section with lots of complications and drugs. We wanted to look at a healthier birth option for this time around. It has really prepared us for what we can hope for in the birth of our child. Karenna was really inspiring, supportive, and motivating to listen to. We are so happy that we decided to take the HypnoBirthing® classes.” Jacqui & Wolf, Willetton
“Karenna is a dedicated, loyal and supportive Fertility Coach. It was wonderful to finally have someone to share my concerns and fears with, as well as my aspirations, hopes and dreams for the creation and expansion of my family. Through her powerful processes and tools, we were able to uncover those things that were holding me back from being 100% committed to my fertility journey. As I worked through each step with the knowledge that Karenna and her compassionate and understanding ways were there to support me, I came to focus more on the joys that lay before me, rather than the worries that had previously over-powered and over-whelmed me. Thank you Karenna for offering such a unique and treasured service. I would be delighted to recommend your services to all future mums.”Sheonaigh, Como
“As each session of your course passed I became more confident my aspirations were really possible and I was impressed with how my fear-based attitude toward birth changed. I now feel completely confident and excited about the birth of my first child as I now have confidence to trust my body to do what it is designed to do. We both enjoyed the small group setting and the friendly and informal nature of the sessions. You have a wonderful nature and energy and I would happily recommend you and your services to future pregnant friends and family.”Skye, Burswood
“Thanks to Karenna, I feel so much more confident going into it now, and understand what will happen at each step. I’m still nervous, but its more excitement than fear now. Charlie and I are now making informed decisions for our birth, rather than just “going along” with it. And we’ve used the relaxation techniques already when I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed!! I’d def recommend the classes to anyone who is nervous, wants more info or feels they need to have a calming influence in their pregnancy.”Alison, Carine
“Thanks for a really easy to understand class. We definitely feel much better and confident about the upcoming birth after taking the class. Will definitely recommend to others, Thank you!” Ben & Anna, Alkimos
“Karenna is amazing and helped put us at ease with being first time parents. Lots of information and very helpful. Will definitely go back when baby number 2 is on the way to revisit the information given.” Michael & Angie, Baldivis
“Learning the Hypnobirthing way was amazing & key to having the most beautiful & positive birthing experience. I really focused on my breathing techniques & relaxation with each contraction. With the help of Karenna, from Hope & Honey & the midwives at the Perth Birthing Centre, especially Sarah, made our first Birthing experience a beautiful & positive memory that we will cherish forever. “Julianne & Luke, Exmouth
“I was happy with everything we talked about and liked the flexibility. I was really satisfied with the class and would highly recommend it to others.” Jen & Ian, Doubleview