Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaching is a unique and ground-breaking therapy which can help you get pregnant, even when the odds are stacked against you.


Where your’re at right now

Going through fertility issues can be one of the most challenging and devastating things to go through. All of a sudden you eat, sleep and breathe ‘getting pregnant’. The stress is incredible, you feel totally out of control and it starts to affect every area of your life.

There is another way

Fertility Coaching uses hypnosis, visualisation and professional coaching techniques to support you through, enhance your natural fertility, prepare you for IVF/pregnancy, find balance and reduce the negative impact of infertility.

It’s powerful and successful.

Fertility Coaching is a mind-body approach to fertility, which acknowledges the importance of working with fertility problems in a holistic way. The benefits are immediate and long term, helping you undergo IVF / ART treatment or continue your fertility journey feeling calm, empowered and well supported.

Fertility Coaching takes place virtually via Skype /  Facetime worldwide. It starts with a one-off, no-obligation consultation and from there 3 and 6-session treatment plans can be devised if applicable. For as little as $175, you can start to feel in control, balanced and prepared for your journey.

Did you know? Hypnosis during embryo transfer can double the implantation / pregnancy rate?

Read this and more research on the benefits of hypnosis for fertility here

Frequently Asked Questions

This coaching specifically targets the thoughts, emotions and areas of the body related to fertility, affecting change in the mind and body and assisting you to achieve your most fertile state. Firstly the coaching looks at the desired outcome, before looking into ways to find balance and resolve issues. Then we look at ways to enhance fertility, health and well-being before preparing you for your journey. Finally we work together to provide support for the desired changes and possible outcomes.
This 6-step process is proven to deliver numerous benefits including an improved likelihood of success. For example, the use of hypnosis during embryo transfer doubles the IVF/ET outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. See more research here:  Fertility and Hypnosis Research

Fertility Coaching has helped thousands of people across the world conceive and achieve their most fertile state. Here in Perth, Western Australia, the techniques are unique to Hope & Honey.

Hypnosis and visualisation are key elements of achieving any goal, allowing the mind to completely focus and deliver clear, healthy messages to the body. Through hypnosis we can identify and work with the subconscious mind to create long-lasting changes, actual physical changes in the body and clear away any negative thought patterns or experiences which may be affecting your and your fertility.
You can start fertility coaching at any stage of your fertility journey. Many clients will attend fertility coaching in addition to IVF (contact me to discuss the specialised coaching program for IVF) or other medical treatments, whereas others come to fertility coaching at the beginning of their journey. Regardless of what stage you are in, fertility coaching can help as it is tailored around the individual.
In some cases fertility coaching is all that is needed to create the most fertile conditions for natural conception; whereas in other situations the coaching can be the perfect companion to medical treatments such as IVF. Depending on your personal and medical circumstances, fertility coaching can work alone or as part of a holistic treatment plan.

No, fertility coaching will enhance other fertility treatments and will in no way contradict any other treatment you are receiving. This is also the case for alternative therapies e.g. acupuncture, as the coaching is working with the mind and overall health and wellbeing.
The number of sessions needed varies for each individual. All clients start with a 75-minute initial consultation and goal-setting session. At this point, we will discuss the options available and the optimum number of sessions (if applicable) to achieve your goals. Treatment plans are fully flexible throughout so we can respond to any new experiences or matters that arise during treatment.

Hope & Honey offer 3-session and 6-session packages, as well as a specific 4-step IVF support program. We will discuss the best options following the initial consultation.

No, we only see one partner. It is important to fully focus on one individual and it would be a conflict to work with both parties. If both partners wish to pursue fertility coaching, I can refer one partner to a relevant practitioner.
As sessions take place online, my clients can be anywhere in the world. It’s important that you can find a quiet space where we will not be disturbed by pets or children and as we are working over the Internet, that you have a good, strong internet connection.
The initial 75-minute consultation costs $175 and includes a pre-session survey, personalised treatment plan and intensive personal support. 3 and 6 session packages are then available. Tailored script readings and session recordings for you to take away can be added, where applicable.
Before your initial consultation, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and return this at least 5 days prior to the first session.
I am a Certified Fertility Coach and Fertility Educator practising the Fertile Body Method, which was devised in London by Sjanie Hugo. In addition, I am qualified in other related areas. For more information about me, my qualifications and Hope & Honey, please click here.