About Me

Karenna Wood

Founder: Hope and Honey

“We’ve forgotten our minds are connected to our bodies.”

My belief is that we’ve forgotten the absolute power that our mind has on our body. Whether you’re going through infertility or fearful of childbirth, I can help you not only feel great, but make actual physical changes – just through working with your mindset and giving you the tools and knowledge you need. It’s powerful and it works.

“Get back in the driving seat.”

I teach you how to take control of your situation – to get the best out of you, the best out of your caregivers and to change your mindset so your thinking is healthy and your body is healthy too.

“I give you practical tools.”

This isn’t fluffy. It’s real and sometimes really hard. I give you highly-practical tools, techniques and suggestions to make things easier and help you get the best results.’


Why work with me?

I care

I really care. I listen to your story and what you need. I then tailor my classes or sessions to you. I shed a tear over your baby pictures. I’ll call you months after we’ve finished working together to see how you are.

I’m passionate

When a client calls me with happy news, I couldn’t be any happier. I shout, I squeal and jump around. Helping you means the world to me and I couldn’t be prouder of being part of it. I’m a passionate advocate for education and mindset within fertility and birthing and I’m here to advocate for you.

I’m good at what I do

I’ve spent years helping people and delivering sessions. As a young student, I volunteered on women’s hospital wards being a friend and advocate for them. I wrote my thesis on the psychology of childbearing. Twelve years later, I’ve helped countless women and couples realise their goals of successful pregnancies and great births through my fertility coaching and antenatal classes.

I’m here

I’m always here afterwards for when things change or you need more support or information. It doesn’t stop when our classes or sessions finish. Every client gets ongoing support.


A little bit about me …

“Originally from England, I now live in the Perth Hills with my husband and two gorgeous girls, Isla and Ellie. I love nothing more than working with and helping people – it puts a big smile on my face! When I’m not working, I can usually be found entertaining my toddlers, at the gym or a cafe in Kalamunda or on rare, lucky occasions with my nose in a book!’



  • First Class BA (Hons) Applied Communications, University of Newcastle
  • Diploma in Childbirth Education (DipEd), Childbirth International
  • Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Marie Mongan Method, The HypnoBirthing Institute
  • Certified Fertility Coach, The Fertile Body Method
  • Certified Fertility Educator, The HypnoBirthing Institute
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Infant Massage Information Service

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